Construction & Projects

We have advised on a wide range of construction projects - from simple home builds through to large projects.  We also assist with resolving construction disputes.

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Good advice at the planning stage can be crucial to the success of a building or construction project. We help with project planning, structuring and finance, contracts and procurement, and resource consent matters. Additionally, we advise on legal issues which arise during the construction phase and post-completion.

Our construction lawyers have a strong reputation and experience with advising on residential and commercial building projects, roading projects, waste and wastewater projects, electricity line construction, public-private partnerships, and more. 

We act for land owners, trades people, building companies and property developers, local government entities, utilities companies and investors.

Disputes in the construction sector can arise over a range of matters, including claims of breach of contract or negligence, Building Act matters and payment claims governed by the Construction Contracts Act. Our team can assist with all aspects of construction disputes.

We provide legal advice on:

Construction and Projects
Construction disputes and debt recovery
  • Buying, selling and leasing land and buildings
  • Construction contracts (residential and commercial)
  • Construction Contracts Act – compliance, payment claims and debts
  • Financing
  • Tax and GST
  • Infrastructure, utilities and networks
  • Local government projects
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Property development and subdivision
  • Compliance with statutes and regulations
  • Resource management and planning
  • Unit titles
  • Disputes resolution and litigation
  • Building Act matters
  • Construction Contracts Act claims and procedures
  • Leaky buildings
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