Franchising and Distribution

We provide business-savvy advice to help you maximise your opportunities and protect against risk. 

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If you are thinking of buying a franchised business, or entering a licensing or distribution arrangement, it is vital you understand the key terms of the arrangement and what they will mean for you. We can help you investigate the opportunity, and recommend practical options for addressing any areas of concern.

For clients looking to expand their business or brand by setting up a franchise, licensing or distribution system, we can advise on different business models and prepare the legal documentation. We also help with day to day legal issues that may arise, and disputes.

We provide legal advice on:

For franchisees and licensees
For owners of franchise systems and licensors
Distribution arrangements
  • Choosing the right ownership structure for your business
  • Buying a franchise – investigating an opportunity, advice on contracts, managing the process
  • Selling a franchise – advice to maximise opportunities from the sale
  • Financing
  • Licensing agreements
  • Commercial property – buying, selling, leasing
  • Employment – contracts, relationships, restraints of trade
  • Protecting personal assets
  • Disputes – advice and representation
  • Buying and selling franchise systems
  • Business models
  • Franchise agreements and documentation
  • Licensing agreements
  • Commercial property – buying, selling, leasing
  • Intellectual property and brand protection - advice and referral to intellectual property law experts as required
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Disputes – advice and representation
  • Business models – choosing the right model for your business
  • Distribution agreements
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